What is “Speak Thinking”

Changed pitch to original recording to perhaps decipher it better.  Of course, the experts can put this through an algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can monitor this tone 24/7.

Coupling of the mind and body to your environment is a biofeedback system.  You embed your thoughts into the surroundings anywhere you are and others listen and talk back to you.  I think the system has found its place in society by the security services in department stores and other retail complexes to monitor the public as an early warning detector for possible crimes to be committed.  This system is not something that is not eventually going to work into everybody’s homes.

Listen to this recording for incoming chit chat, recorded and filtered to get to the subliminals.  This feedback gets into the tones in your surroundings and into your mind via the hearing system and then gets deciphered by the mind via stochastic amplification, and goes directly into thinking without you hearing a sound. 

All recordings made using an induction loop receiver that monitors magnetic modulations.

If you put 2 magnetic entities together and add a tone to it – you can talk to each other without speaking but by just thinking, as thinking is really sub-vocal speech. The magnetic modulations of speaking will modulate the tone and if you can read the tone then you will know what the other is thinking – it is like learning another language.

You cannot think if you also, are not silently speaking it at the same time. It is easy to confirm this as you only have to observe in yourself if this is true or not. If you don’t speak what you are thinking – then you are just in a pictorial thinking mode, some aspect of it might be called daydreaming – you are just watching, observing, and not spinning a thought in your head and trying to make something out of it.

There is something of this in the “new scientist” magazine in issue 28 oct 2017, pg 9:”Brains’s autopilot mode lets you stop thinking” to differentiate between “speak thinking” and just observation or pictorial thinking.

Silence in mind comes from choosing one from the other. The technique of meditation plays on this difference – to shut down one for the other, by using a mantra as a distraction. But cross-legged meditation, I think takes it a step further and shuts down the mind altogether – both pictorial and speak thinking to allow you total silence. In a sense a kind of blackout, while still living. Total silence and a kind of “where was I” when this happens and you slowly come out of it.

I think, if true, understanding this, especially seeing how “speak thinking” works and bringing on more silence in the mind, while going about our daily activities, might just bring on the next generation of new thinking, that is not dependent on its past, to make the future.

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