Stochastic Amplification of Subliminals

Stochastic amplification is the phenomenon of applying white noise to say your living space or to the mind, to amplify the subliminals hidden in it which your hearing system cannot hear.

How it does this is it mismatches frequencies in white noise to amplify subliminals in space to amplify them so you can now hear them. White noise consist of a multitude of frequencies to resonate to, for amplification.

I gather the mind also does this, to amplify electrical signals in the brain that is hardly decipherable by the mind so you can understand what is hidden in these subliminals.

This phenomenon says something about perception as to whether your thoughts are really your own or not. This also puts out an alert as to whether there is really democracy in society as a valid concept and if people should be allowed to vote for difficult decisions, when their minds could be coerced to making decisions that are not of their own mind.

Look at this example below of what could be hidden in your living space.

White noise was played into a headphone and the noise was then recorded. Lets see what is hidden in the ether that was priced out by using white noise to amplify the subliminals.

Trace of recording

The recording:…

These subliminals get to everywhere and anything, that is electronic and metallic and become aerials for the enormous amount of radio frequencies in the air. Your home is one big aerial as is the telegraph lines outside your home and your power supply lines that bring these subliminals into your living space. This recording below was done using an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic fluctuations at the phone access point.…

So are your thoughts really your own. Does that X you place in the ballot box really from your own mind.

There is no such a thing as democracy.

Please make up your mind.

The mindbodysoul has its limitations!

You might not be what! you think you are.

The mind created society in its own image.

The structure of the city is the structure of the mind.

The mind can only do itself.

Its modus operandi is experiential in nature.

It depends too much in its past and hence cannot create anything “new”.

The mind created the city so it can see itself at work.

Artificial intelligence is created to see the mind at work or it is trying to get out of itself.

Is there a tipping point to all of this.

How long can the collective mind hold its place before it gives up.

What does it take to trigger chaos.

To think a mere subliminal in the air might be sufficient to create pandemonium or is the earth’s magnetic pole going to flip?

Are you afraid of what you cannot see or hear?

Can your thinking be know by another?

Is it necessary to know everything 

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