The influences of today’s mind, a summary: 3 levels

From silence, to technological influences to thinking. Only at the point of samadhi or silence is the mind ready for the unknown.  At any other level it is a distraction.  The 5–sensors-mind, and thinking has its limitations.  You don’t need these limitations if you want to get out of a trapped corner.

This a summary for an ebook that I am working on called, “MIND in ART”. What I am postulating is that if the mind is trapped in its limitations then the process of making Art is going to reflect those limitations.  With a few discoveries of my own in “speak thinking” I tend to provided “switches” in the mind that will try and overcome these limitations.  Hence the text is a step further away from the chit chat that you get from art history books and also from the, “this is spirituality, understand” books.  I seem to have discovered a major switch in the mind that takes you from psychological thinking to complete silence in the mind in an instant, and my experience is that being familiar with this observation in you, you find that you can go days without thinking – if that is what you need.  To switch the thinking mind off, is as simple as bringing on an observational reminder to the mind and the mind goes quiet.  You have to silently speak what you are thinking to have to think at all and if you remind yourself that this is what you are doing, then thinking stops.  I called this link, “speak thinking” and asked for a patent for the words “speak thinking” for the discovery of the observation and was successful in getting a patent.  I am surprised that through the 1000’s of years of man on earth that not even the buddhas and the many enlightened human being had not seen this and made us aware of it.  Sub-vocal speech has been observed by others but this link that thinking is really sub-vocal speech was not observed.  What I am saying is that thinking is actually speaking.  Silent speaking.  There might be some chemical interactions in the mind before you think, as what we might have thought in the past, BUT when we think something we must speak it – if not we cannot think. Both processes are thinking=speaking are linked and if we break this thinking…speaking link – there is no thinking possible.

The limitations of the bodymindsoul to this link is ENORMOUS. The limitations have always been there but by seeing this you can also see how your mind can be made silent in an instant.  How you can switch to the “now” in you almost immediately. Also this: the fact that your vocal cords have to “modulate” to your thinking – so will the magnetic field of your body or your aura, will modulate to your thinking – well this is the bigge – this means that your thinking can be known as a result of this anomaly.  I think this is how nature kept us together as one with its natural laws.  The magnetic modulations of the body via its thinking with all its intentions both good and bad were known to the forces of nature.  That is why when bad things happened to good people within the natural laws of karma, is because, good people might have had bad silent intentions and possibly just as bad as spoken intention or actions.  They all add up – tangible or intangibly – they carry the same points.  You see all these possibilities out of the fact that our thinking is linked to our silently having to speak what we are thinking.  The positives is that if we know what the important switches are of the mind and body – then we can try and jump the fence of limitations of the mind and try and find the “new” in us.  The evolutionary process of the mind takes a giant leap when its limitations are surpassed.  So is there a new way of thinking. You see we are already over the fence and hitting the ground running.  What magic porthole has this discovery opened up for us.  

Now I can stop thinking anytime I want too.  I can know what another is thinking if I want too by the coupling of biomagnetic fields.  I have open up the onced closed repository of the known in me to the vast unknown of the repository of nature that contains the knowledge of all time, of all consciousness of all that is living, with the consciousness of soil of the earth and its mountains, with the thinking of every individual in any place on earth and in any language.  The silent mind without thinking and connected to the Truth of THings and the intelligence of nature, now has access to EVeRYTHING.

Making Art will never be the same once you are over the fence of the limitations of the mind.  How can the process of making Art capture this “new” in you without it being a narrative process.  How can the process of Art capture the beauty of this vast repository of the intelligence of the natural in both you and all that is external to you.  How does Art capture the beauty of this wonderful life in the universe being connected to all that is natural both known and unknown as the unknown slowly shows itself to you when you ask for it – when the mind is silent and only watching and not thinking anymore.  What will a good painting look like then?.

Now into some details:

So how does the mind sit to stay alert for the new in you.  Progress at its fastest pace forward.  From not being able to see past your eyelids, to being nothing in mind but aware of everything.









Always at the centre.  Always in silence in mind.  Always in nothing in mind.  No thinking. Not conscious of being silent but just naturally so – silent by “speak thinking” as a mantra – a walking talking reminder that you cast a lie when you “speak think”.  A reminder initially but it becomes natural, when the mind knows the beautiful wonder of the silent mind.  You don’t need to be in cross-legged meditation with a mantra to know this silence but walking talking “speak thinking” reminder is also a form of active meditation.  Both have their own separate powers.  Cross legged meditation might be able to take you deeper into a silent blackout: into a living death state of nothingness for you to know what a thinking mind is like when you have killed it for good – you get to experientially feel the 2 extremes: chaotic psychological thinking at one end to the complete experience of death in the mind with nothingness.  An Artist’s gets to see all of this in the process of making his art in his studio.  Art is totally free to process anything and at the thick of this process it can become completely silent.  So an artist sees this in his studio, alone, silent: one knows one’s mind can become nothing and at times a moment of notime and nowhere, lost at the edge of perception, in darkness.  For an artist this has become an experiential state of mind.  An artist has seen this state of mind many times over.  It is a very real state of nothing.  The thinking mind is dead to everything and has become nothing.  It is silence and stillness in mind.  At times it is a blackout of no time.  It is a kalachakri moment:

is aware of everything that is timeless, not time-bound or out of the realm of time.

Between noise and silence in mind: The Truth shows itself: that is if you haven’t experienced it already and use it to find the “new” in you.  

Art(ist) as a party of 1, can show you the pattern:

“Therefore, they may get just enough peer interaction so that when they are alone, they are able to enjoy that solitude. They’re able to think creatively and develop new ideas – like an artist in a studio or the academic in his or her office” https://www.rt.com/news/410780-creativity-alone-solitude-study/

In that silence in mind you make discoveries.  Like this “speak thinking”, where you silently have to speak what you are thinking to have to think at all.  Been with us forever yet hardly noticed, that we have to silently speak what we think to have to think and if you break this link – you cannot think at all.  To me this was a  bingo moment.  You see it then you have it.  So I told myself with this observation: you mean if I stop silently speaking what I am thinking then I will not be able to think at all?  That was psychological thinking dead in its tracks.  Switch if off like using a light switch and lights out, the noise of chatter in the mind stops immediately.  In fact this is the function of the mantra in cross legged meditation.  It distracts the mind away from thinking and breaking this link between thinking and having to silently speak what you think – hence the mind drifts into silence.  But cross legged meditation being what it is of mind and body in stillness can get to greater depth’s of silence as to “speak thinking’s” walking talking “meditation” and silence in mind.


Knowing the limitations of the mind through the 5 sensors. The thinking mind only knows how to spin the known in you. You spin a thought – you spin it into a lie. How then, does this mind deal with “Mind in ART”.  The MIND is flawed with its limitations as you have seen above.  So how do you expect the ART to come out tops and innovate when the mind itself is in shackles.

There are a 100 or 1000 possible ways I can spin an idea in mind to manifest or materialise only one of them which you will see.  So how do you think you created that personality that is you in mind as a shape shifting entity in mind yet materialising as a definite entity.  You chose you, as an identity from a lie in you.  So how different are you from an artist in a studio.  The artist spends his nights and days thinking how he is going to materialise that lie in his head so he can see it as something real in front of him.  You do the same but when you choose it just becomes “you” as an identity.  Real or not it is still a lie one chooses from the 1000 possible lie’s in the mind. 

Only the first pop up, first second, you see it, is something possibly “new” in you.  Most of ART today is content driven to document the past.  It is a visual documentation of knowledge or of the known.  It is a narrative account of something.  I think a book does a better job at documenting the past.  Art history of the past to the Art history in the gallery.  Show me the “new” in you, a one giant leap of the unknown.  Show me the unadulterated now.  Show me thy seminal self when one was nothing and part of everything before it became something that I already know from the repository of the past. You know.  Spirituality. Understand?  Show me something that I don’t already know. Please.















The Truth only shows itself when you are absent. 

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