Remote Artificial Intelligence Into Your Home

A summary from previous articles:

Rogue radio signal acting as carrier wave via your telegraph pole, into your home phone/internet access point, into your household wiring and power supply lines, to your computer and computer screens, into your household appliances, the tonal modulations and ultrasound generated by your house into the living space and into your ears, some heard tonal modulations in the background, others like ultrasound unheard and into your ears as tinnitus modulations and into your brain as thinking – completely unknown to you.

Below is a recording made at the phone/internet access point.  The chit chat is from the radio signals and mostly in this occasion from BBC worldwide and Radio 4 but these could be just acting as carrier waves with rogue transmitters adding on to this soup of electromagnetic wave onslaught on your homes.

There is an underlying tone/buzz to this recording that is the culprit that is generating the tonal modulations carrying the specific subliminals and also all the chit chat that you hear creating an onslaught on your mind which is made, to make sense of all of it.

The tone is also used to read what you are thinking as you silently speak what you think and you would modulate this tone to your thinking. The whole system acts as a biofeedback process as it takes information out of your home via your phone and your phone line even when it is not being used, the microphone in your phone can be switched on remotely, unknown to you and listened into, for conversation and for your thoughts (via tonal modulations) – see proof in previous articles.

click to enlarge image.

Below is a recording, as an example, where the signal comes in to switch on the microphone in your landline phone, with no indication externally on your phone if your handsfree option has been switched on.

Below is detail of above trace.

In these recordings below am trying to communicate with the other side when an incoming signal is heard switching on the handfree option.

below is detail of end of above recording

If you switch on your handsfree and just listen to it, you will find 2 tones separated by silence in between.  The 2nd tone I am postulating is used to listen to your thinking through tonal modulations (see previous articles for details as to how this is done).  This handfree option can be either switched on by you or it could be switched on remotely and unknown to you to listen in to both your conversations and also your thoughts.

This is a remote 24/7 monitoring system using radio signals into your homes listening to conversations and also monitoring your thoughts.  There is just one word for this: extraordinary brand “new” invention of the combination of all the enhanced aspects of nature used to imitate the natural in you, as we are all connected as one and today not only naturally so but also technologically so to One-natural-world-one-technological-world-one-world-government controlled by a highly developed artificial intelligent entity running some things in the background.  I am convinced that this is the way we are all heading. The power of the single enhanced unit for the future.

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