“Speak Thinking” and Tonal Modulations

If you switch on your handsfree option on your landline and just listen to the tone this is what you will hear below: But me tapping on the table had got a response via tonal modulation of “what is he doing”.  If you listen in to your access point for your internet/phone line using a induction loop receiver you will hear this handsfree option being switched on with both the tones and the separation coming in but with no indication on your phone that the handsfree had been switched on.  The handsfree option is being used externally to switch on the microphone to listen to conversations and also the tones are used to listen to one’s thinking.  The response on these lines are a 2 way process and you would on a phone line but so is the incognito unwelcome stranger coming in to listen in and also passing in subliminals and voices through the phone which will be carried into the rest of the household perhaps via the ground cable as I have shown in previous articles.  With everything else set aside, the process of using these tones to listen to one’s thinking because of “speak thinking” and via tonal modulation  is a serious breach of privacy that needs to be investigated further.

Looking at the detail:

Original recording detail: “what is he doing”

Original recording:”what is he doing”

changed pitch in detail to extract modulation “what is he doing”

This is the first time this recording below was recorded in real time monitoring of the phone/internet access point though I have heard it many times before but was unable to record the external monitoring process as I was not linked up to record. In this instance I got lucky. They must have switched it off immediately because they would have heard the chit chat from the access point and realised that they were being listened to and this is a case of the monitoring being monitored. When you are sensitive to your surroundings eventually the trail gets followed – it is inevitable and a natural process of the mindbodysoul in wanting to know thyself and the limitations of the mind and body. It is a wonderful process of finding the intangible in you and the connection to nature, while interacting with a naturally enhanced living environment. Society is nature on steroids and it can be used as a tool to discover the inner self.

Detail pic:

There was no indication on my phone of whether the receiver was lifted or the handsfree option was switched on.  My experience with this in the past was to hear a click sound and if I lifted the receiver as soon as I heard this: the handsfree led light would light up and the handsfree phone tone would be heard.  This would not normally happen when you lift the receiver.  Hence the coming in signal was to switch on the handsfree option as you heard above and hence enabling the microphone in the phone unknown to the householder that this was done and used for listening in to both conversation and to thinking by listening to the modulations in the tone via “speak thinking”.

My access point is recorded directly via my computer in the example below.  As I monitor my access point for my phone and internet – it is being recorded directly into into my computer via the line-in option.  There is no intermediate microphone in use for this example as also was for the example above.  Directly from phone/internet access point to line-in computer recording which means that any spoken word by me will not be recorded.  I am about to show you that while recording the access point i will lift the receiver and talk into the receiver microphone (without dialing a number) and you will hear my voice in the recording of the phone access point which is located by the front door in the floor below.  This shows the significance of the recording that was made above this example:

This below is the message at the end from the other side.  Proof that there is an entity listening from the other side.

I change the tempo to the recording to have a better translation to the hidden message.  Nothing else was done to the original recording.

This is how the subliminals come into your home.  Notice how it is completely separate from the radio signals and also slightly fudged so it is difficult to find yet still recognisable.  I would not have found it if it was designed senseless.  The implication of this is this: it would have been used extensively during the referendum for BREXIT in the UK.  The message coming into homes in the UK would have been: BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT-BREXIT, until people would have got it and voted accordingly.  They would have stayed away from the areas that are staunch remainers but rather would have concentrated in areas that are vulnerable and the younger generation to go out and vote for them.  The brexit fans would have added to this by singing the chorus of nationalism and separation and you know what the END result was like: like a whole country of zombie’s voted for what was worst for them.  Take this from a whole country of ip addresses and phone numbers to a single home: and see what they can do to a single family at home or a single mind. But you wanted this, right, you really really did.

Just about this time you know what happened in the US of A.

Remember that in this example of recording above in lifting the receiver and then hearing it at the access point, a distance away from where I am is showing you how the phone microphone can be switched on remotely to hear what is happening inside your home. But then how far down the phone line did your voice go: from the access point to the phone line outside your home, to your telegraphic pole that is also acting as an aerial for radio signals getting into your home and then to the rest of your power supply and house wiring via the ground cable.  This lifting of the receiver would have travelled to the exchange cabinet along the road outside your home and to the phone exchange.  You see the problem here is that your phone line is intercepted by a radio signal outside your home  and remember the same radio signal is everywhere, omnipresent like GOD, and your phone line is acting as an aerial that is bring in subliminals into your home.  It is the subliminals into your home and the switching on of the handsfree option to activate your microphone and to listen to what’s happening in the homes and also – the big ding dong – and that it is listening to your thoughts.  They listen to the modulations in the phone tones to hear what you are thinking.

This recording below is done using an induction loop receiver placed next to the access point for the phone and internet line.  It translates the magnetic modulations coming from the access point bringing in subliminals into your home and finally getting into your living space after being translated to ultrasound coming from your CFL and LED light bulbs, the ground loop noises in your home and household appliances, your power supply lines and dimmer switches etc and end up as tinnitus modulations in your ear to your brain to be translated to thinking.  So is your thinking your own?

The recording is about 10 mins and it is a good listen – of nothing? It is mainly BBC worldwide and BBC Radio 4 as camouflage. 

I generated this tone below – 432 hertz.  See if it modulates to your thinking?  This tone is YOU.  It is part of the fabric of the universe and you are part of that fabric together with all the other vibrations and frequencies around and IN you.  You just need to listen to the modulations of any one of them to know what you are thinking.  So how do you get around this? – “speak thinking”, stop psychological thinking and bathe in the “silence” of the universe and transform and become the universe.  Can you play this tone low with headphones and read this article and see what I mean.

Can I end with a postscript here: how radio waves carry sound.

click on image to amplify.

Since a radio signal is an electromagnetic signal carrying a sound wave then I assume that a lot of the ultrasound that you hear in your home (apart from being created by your power supply lines) is also probably brought into your home by this radio signal via your phone line.  The ultrasound frequencies are needed for the stochastic amplification of the subliminals that are hidden in this radio signal so they get understood by you. 

It is a pretty impressive bundle coming into your home via your phone and internet line.  This can only be designed by a mind that knows the mind really really well and all its limitations to put across a package that will come into your home and tell you what to do and then also read your thoughts.  It makes you want to be in awe of it but then you know what its consequences are going to be and the awe becomes ewa – a complete turnaround of what-is to what-is-to-become-new-world-order.

You don’t find these things above with a noisy mind.  There has to be complete silence in mind for the universe to even consider to download into your mind. 

Party of 1: Unsociability linked to creativity in solitude-seeking people, research indicates

“Therefore, they may get just enough peer interaction so that when they are alone, they are able to enjoy that solitude. They’re able to think creatively and develop new ideas – like an artist in a studio or the academic in his or her office,” she added. https://www.rt.com/news/410780-creativity-alone-solitude-study/

What you want? and Why you want it?

By the Grace of your own mind – when you are ready. One with everything. 


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