Unheard Sound Pollution – Ultrasound

I am not dealing here with what you can hear pollution but rather the unheard sound that is outside the range of hearing (20 hertz to 20 kilohertz).

Unheard yet it is everywhere.  Can the mind actually “hear” this, but not you.  It comes in unheard and gets processed straight into thinking.  You might think that your thinking is your own but rather it is initiated by a subliminal rogue signal.  This can alter your mind to think differently about things and alter your perception.  Fundamentally your whole personality is being created for you unknown to yourself.  It might not all be according to your own thinking but initiated by some external sources.  I am going to try and show you how this happens.

I will start with this by saying that the ear can actually process higher than the upper limit of 20 Khz.  The ultrasound range might just sound like tinnitus to you in your ears but the ear and mind will still process it.  There might be some research out there which I might have pointed out in some earlier articles but this new discovery is more interesting to try and make the point in a different way.  It comes out of China and is called: “DolphinAttack: Inaudible Voice Commands”.  Dolphin attack I assume because it comes in unnoticed. The paper is dated 31 August 2017, so like yesterday, time wise. or almost like today.

Speech recognition (SR) systems such as Siri or Google Now have become an increasingly popular human-computer interaction method, and have turned various systems into voice controllable systems


Hidden voice commands, though ‘hidden’, are nonetheless
audible. In this work, we design a completely inaudible attack, DolphinAttack, that modulates voice commands on ultrasonic carriers (e.g., f > 20 kHz) to achieve inaudibility.

They found that all these voice recognition systems were affected: , including Siri, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Huawei HiVoice, Cortana and Alexa.

So it is interesting that ultrasound rogue signals can activate a VRS gadget in your home but then can it also activate your mind to think a certain way by introducing a target word or short sentence into your mind.  These can come into your mind as pop-up’s where when you are mid thought and suddenly you get a pop-up that is completely different from what you were thinking off or contemplating in your mind.  This can be spotted when especially if you are in a cinema watching a movie.  You know that your train of thought is about the movie but a pop-up appears completely, not even remotely connected to the movie or even being able to have been caused by the subject matter of the scene in front of you.  Then have you just had a Dolphin attack on your mind.

This can happen in any environment you might be in: at home, in a bus, in your car, in the city.  Rather either inside your home or outside your home.  Ultrasound is rife and is polluting your living space:

New measurements indicate that the public are being exposed, without their knowledge, to airborne ultrasound.


So, so far it is the introduction to ultrasound and how it is in our living space. 

The scientist at Zhejiang University in China has showed us how an ultrasound rogue signal can come in unheard and activate one’s voice recognition gadget at home.  But can it get into your mind and switch on a thought process.  I think it can come into your home via a radio signal and the white noise in your home generated by your power supply cables in your home due to the cables vibrating to the 50 (or 60) hertz sinusoidal signal of the power supply will amplify these sub-vocal signals, so the ear can pick it up and hence the mind.  The ground loop noises in your home will modulate to these subvocal signals.  You might not be aware of these noises in your home but your ears would have picked it up and so also would your mind.  Some can be noisey heard sounds but the ultrasound noises cannot be heard by the ear BUT an ultrasound microphone will pick them up.  

Let’s first see how they come into your home.  I am first going to summarise it and then I will surprise you with some recordings.  This is a flow summary of how that rogue signal comes into your home.  Outside: your phone and internet lines, into your home. Inside: your internet and phone access point, to your phone, to the ground cable that connects all the house appliances, to your home heating system, to all your radiators at home via the ground cable, your TV and computer and the computer screen etc. – and all these gadgets are screaming with ultrasound noises that only an ultrasound microphone can hear. So let’s follow this route above and see what we can hear from them.

Let’s start with your access point of your home phone/internet line.  If you use an induction loop receiver to listen to the magnetic fluctuations in the gadget – what would you hear:

This recording below is from the phone access point using an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic modulations.  This recording below is practically like listening to a radio but this is not demodulated by a radio but by the loop receiver that the hard for hearing use to amplify sounds.  They are layered noises from different radio programs.  I located some of them as being BBC Worldwide and Radio 4.

Now this part is important: remember that this is coming from a radio signal via the phone/internet line.  There should be no noise on them but perhaps for a buzz of a digital signal.  Where does the demodulation of the digital signal takes place, at the access point or the router or the phone.  I suggest that these programs that we hear in the recording above is from the phone lines outside your homes acting as aerials and bringing these signals into your home.  The chit chat in the above recording can be carrying a multitude number of rogue subliminal signals hidden in that cacophony of sounds but then can we find them?

This recording below is from the radiators.

This below which has some chit chat is from the radiator piping.

Radiator piping. You can reduce the volume on the right to hear the chit chat hidden in it.  Subliminals are designed to be unheard.  They sit at the bottom of the cup a third full and hence need to be “filtered” to get to them.

You can see as it makes its way through the system the signal gets filtered and it looses some of its intensity.  But the chit chat still seems to have something of what was at the access point which is just radio stations and here mainly BBC worldwide and BBC Radio 4.  The question is where are the subliminals hidden in this signal and can we find them.  I am sure a proper sound lab will be able to do this but I am postulating that they will be very subvocal in intensity hidden in all the crevices of the Radio signals.  So if we continue to filter them down we might just about make them out and compare them with the original signal.  It is like a cup 1/3 full – the subs are below water hiding in the depths of the ocean to only surface when white noise (white noise consists of multiple frequencies, hence rogue signals match and amplify) amplifiers them through Stochastic amplification and then fills your living space hence passing on its subliminal information. 

This will happen all over the city as the government has informed you: 

New measurements indicate that the public are being exposed, without their knowledge, to airborne ultrasound.

So let’s continue to filter down and see what’s in the living space away from all the walls and household appliances.  Lets see what is just above your ultrasound frequencies which the scientist at Zhejiang University in China found that could activate your voice control systems like Google Now and Alexa etc.  Here you have to use an ultrasound microphone – what this microphone does is record the high frequencies, above the hearing range, and then drop them down to where you can hear them.  Let’s look at some of the recordings:  These high frequency noises in your normal living space will be heard as tinnitus like noises in your ears and if you listen carefully you can hear them modulate but in these recording they are brought into the hearing range.

If you listen to this carefully, you will realise that if this is getting to your brain via your ears, it is just too much information for any brain to process, and the brain is such an amazing tool it will not disappoint you and try its best to get all the information out to you so you see it and process it and think it – and none of it is yours!  It is a sure fire way to destroy a nation when this is rife.  Population manipulation will be widespread with this and its source could be from anywhere in the world and all hidden in your radio signals and your TV signals all compromised and spoon fed to you.  It is a disaster waiting to happen on a massive scale – complete breakdown of societies and cities.  False intentions generated in the minds of the many.  This system will be rife during a general election with rogue signals canvassing all the homes in the particular country. The spinner will be at work for all:


You can reduce volume on the right to hear chit chat better that is hidden in this recording.  Consider volume control as a type of filter to bring out what is hidden in it.  Get the baseline “white noise” in the recording as low as possible so you can hear the stochastic amplifications of the hidden subliminals as they get louder for you to hear them.

Here is another similar recording in 2 modes: initially recorded in real time: every second and then in the middle it clicks to an averaging mode:

You can use this gif below to see if it is modulating some of the noises in your home.  As an experiment to see if what you do on your screen does go around the power supply in your home and modulate the ground loops, and the tones of your household appliances.  Know thyself and know the limitations of one’s thinking mind is the purpose of this experiment.  If this is affecting your hearing or is heard around your home then think of how a vocal subliminal will get to your mind.  Do you hear a pulsating tinnitus sound in your ears as a result of this pulsating .gif file.

Do you find the tinnitus modulations in your ears change when you have this below in front of you.  If you keep an open mind you might think the tinnitus characteristics could be because of the sensors in your eyes rather than your ears.  Either way the mind is affected by this and all these changes gets coupled with the living space as you get wired to your surroundings.

The primary input to the nervous system is from receptors in the eyes, ears, skin, and so on, which translate outside information such as light, heat, or sound into electrical nerve signals. 


Are there sound receptors in the eyes or does the mind bring sound from the ears and a pulsating visual image and process it together to make sound that says the image is pulsating.  There is an uncanny feeling that the tinnitus sound in the ear modulates to this pulsating image only when it is in front of you and when you scroll it up until it disappears, the tinnitus modulations changes.  If you try and perceive the detail of an experiential occurrence you wonder if it is possible to monitor everything about the mindbodysoul by just listening to the sound of how the mindbodysoul interacts with its energised surroundings and that includes its thinking as thinking is a subvocal phenomenon – “speak thinking”.  The movement of the vocal cords during thinking with create a magnetic modulation of the body that will interacts with its energised surroundings and all surrounding sounds will modulate to this thinking.  Hence thinking can be heard in today’s AI, artificially intelligent, environment. 

When you are watching TV are you getting hidden subliminals coming through your screen.  Are you hearing this above gif pulsating as a tinnitus tone in your ears or the one above.  That is how they work when your electrical system in your home is manipulated and it can come from many directions and some of them could be, unknowingly, your very own.

This is a US patent explaining the above and more, from a remote computer to you at home and if your internet comes in via your phone line, then they have access to your phone microphone too.  Your handsfree option on your phone can be switched on unknown to you and the tonal modulations from your phone could be used to listen to what you are thinking: see example below for handsfree tone pattern.  Your phone with its microphone links up to the rest of the household wiring as one big induction loop system in one’s home  and the handsfree tone is used to listen to one’s thinking when it is switched on remotely because of “speak thinking”.  The mind created its environment through perception and creativity and rightly so the mind should be connected to its own invention.  It is inevitable that the creator would want to be connected to its own creation.

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors 
US 6506148 B2
Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near ½ Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

Listen to this recording using a loop receiver monitoring its magnetic field fluctuations, coming off a wall – probably because of a electrical cable passing through it on its way to a electrical socket.

It’s everywhere, wired to your surroundings.  This below is from your mobile phone with the recording intensity increasing when my hand is placed on top of it and fades off when I remove my hand.  Remember that when it is next to your body you are one big aerial.  The recording below is with an induction loop receiver:

“Speak Thinking” – where you silently have to speak what you think to have to think at all and is an anomaly of the brain and these magnetic modulations will find its way to all the crevices of ones home.

A simple visual representation of being wired up to your surroundings is this:

and then behind this you add a monitoring system, some software, and a feedback system and some artificial intelligence and you have a realtime, hey “how you doing?” visitor 24/7 looking over you.  I am just trying to show you how it might come into your home.  How your thinking can be known via tonal modulations and “speak thinking” and how systems around a country might be run by you thinking that there is democracy in your mind but seriously as soon as you start thinking – it is one big lie and that lie might not even be your own.  So are you sure your thinking is your own? Place your X in the box below as you have the power.  

There is no such a thing as democracy.

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