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The quest with quantum physics is that: is there an intangible reality that we cannot see that is fixed and holding all of us together.  The question is can the mind work out what it is.  So, they come out of the woodwork and give their theories.  But there is one guy that says, hey, lets just say that there is no structure, nothing, and let’s see if our minds can work it out.

Hence the title of the article is: “Reality? It’s what you make it”.  

I don’t think he is saying that there is nothing but, hey, lets see if our minds can find out what it is.  Hence by the title he is saying that, it is what you you make of it.  That’s all and fine.  What he is saying is that it is experiential.  You make it what it is by your experiences of what you get in your mind of what it is and then finally come up with a big picture.  You know you are never going to get there with that big picture in this lifetime.  You might have to come back to add to what you already created from your last life.  I think that is why they invented reincarnation in their minds.  Also then is this why artist trying to find something “new” in their work just go around in circles just creating derivatives of the past in art because there are limitations in the mind that will not allow you to jump the fence and then see what is ahead that is totally new.  Hence like everything else, the frontline of art is slow as they take a lot from their past and add a little of the new to it to make it look slightly different and it progresses that way at snail’s pace.  

Perhaps Henri Matisse was trying to tell us something in his painting, “The Snail”

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The Snail 1953 Henri Matisse 1869-1954 Purchased with assistance from the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1962


The vacuum cleaner from bag to bagless.  But what if you went from vacuum cleaner to self cleaning home – will this be considered totally new. The car: from petrol to battery. But what if I think it and then I am there transportation discovery – will this be considered totally new.

In art, what about a painting, to a TV screen with just paintings in it, to just a beautiful idea in the head with no manifestations – if you want it you can buy it, a beautiful idea.  Perhaps that is what the white paintings were about?:

Rauschenberg’s White paintings: nothingness “How nothingness can explain everything about reality” – New Scientist – 11 November 2017 issue.










A limited mind – there are only a certain number of ways it can “see”.  Just imagine that there is nothing in your mind and you want to create an image of the underlying structure of the universe – The Truth from where you came from, where everything is stored and if you had access to this repository of information you will be all knowing – This will be the end of knowledge.  No more learning.  But then if we try and build a picture of this everything – it will come out of experiential fragments of experiences.  That is how the mind works.  It only creates fragments and not only that It cannot see past its eyelids and all it knows to create a picture is from its past in its mind by thinking its way through all of this.  And the shit of this all is that, when you do come up with something totally new, it is not in everybody’s mind to recognise it as something “new” and hence is rejected.  If one wants to start a business of making Jam, you can go from Jam to perhaps, nutella, but any further than the norm and people will reject it.  A new way of living – no scared/fear.  If a new bank opens in town that looks like a butcher’s shop – what! – never use it.  So everything follows with the past in you at a snail’s pace guided by your mind’s past and its experiences.

So you think you know everything but you live and die with your limited minds.  You vote with these limited minds thinking you know what is best for you then you find but this is not what I wanted or thought of, because whatever you created in your mind was a lie anyway, spun out of a fact in your observation to a lie in your thinking mind.  The mind is good for practicalities – but when it tries to create an idea, that idea is spun with all your experiencial facts in you to created an idea that is not whole in itself as your mind is fracgmented with the Truth.  It only knows parts of the Truth and never a whole and you are trying to create something that is whole – never, never, never.. as you can see from these clips below these 2 never saw the future from their fragmented past.

We will never see the whole, but we will be forever spinning it to try and get there.

Artists will be forever making a painting looking for something new, but will always be derivatives of the known. The city will try and evolve to something better to live in but will never get there as the city’s mind is our collective mind’s as we are all connected together, wired together by all the amplified properties of nature (even here we are such derivative shit’s in our heads as that is all we can do).  We will never come out of this rut, unless we know our limitations and see the switches in our collective mind and take risks with what might be new, yet not in our past as yet, and take one giant leap, away from the known and then start again from there, one step at a time with a new repository to work from, leaving behind the failed past and never going back to it again.  It is time we cut loose this shuttle train moving forward at a snail’s space and start with something “new” in you.

And how do we leave behind this past in us, by bring the mind to a standstill.  Shutting it down and stop it adding to the old repository and trying to further build from this.  As this quantum scientist has said – let’s just say there is nothing again in our minds.  Let start again from a blank slate.  From nothingness, knowing what our limitations of our thinking mind are, and let’s try and find something completely new in us, collectively perhaps, and then experientially build on it – not using anything from our present past but start from the start with that new discovery and see where it goes.  

So you might ask how do we start.  Well how do we shut down the thinking mind, so nothing is in it yet you still need to be aware and have access to the Truth that is a repository of everything and that knows all.  So the searching mind needs to know how to access this repository.  You might say that this is an assumption you are making, but you made this present lifetime by initially accessing that repository.  It is just you might have spun it wrong.  So you start again.  We also assume that the repository only holds facts that are true and we want to build a whole that is a reflection of that whole Truth – this is the ultimate goal BUT we can only do this in experiential fractions.  You can see how if the mind does not remain true and kosher to its observations from the Truth of things then you will start to spin out into a tangent and then you will be out of control and just create another chaotic environment.

We live in a city like environment that has been amplified from the properties of nature. The city is nature on steroids and we are wired to it.  Modern living don’t allow us to run to the caves.  Out thinking minds is bombarded by subliminals as a result of how we designed this city living space.  You are looking at a noisy chaotic mind that is struggling to cope with these intrusions.  Some are already starting to fly not knowing they have no wings.  The mind cannot be still in this environment but one should know how to shut down the mind, like a light switch that switches off a light bulb.  The reason is that only in silence can the observational mind access the Truth.  This is just an experiential fact.  We are going to look at the rest in exactly the same way.  From one observed fact to another.  We look for downloads from the all knowing Repository, the everything that is whole and is at present in existence in whose structure we are also wired into but don’t know it, and we are doing this collectively together, as we are all connected.  This you already know that you are wired to your surroundings living in a space that is an enhanced option of nature but you want to get to the unchanging underlying Truth of Things and that can only come from silence.  A mind that is not in action of thinking a lie but just watching and in observation or in just a state of awareness – just observing and not passing judgement on what you are observing.  Just looking.  The spinning comes after you find something that comes to mind from the repository – that is when you start thinking about it.  When you start thinking about a factual observation the mind becomes noisy.  The longer you spin the idea, it becomes bigger and takes a life of its own.  The further along the spin the “lie” or illusion has no resemblance to the original factual observation – hence you created a lie in you.  You created an illusion in your mind that is not of the Truth of things or is part of its repository.  The Truth of things is an underlying unchanging force.  As you are wired to a false environment of enhanced energy forces in the city you now want to be wired to this underlying all knowing repository of nature.  Who knows perhaps this city of enhanced forces you live in might be an advantage to you to access the Truth.  This only you will find out by going silent in mind and let’s face it is a reasonable assumption say that a mind full of noise is never, never, never going to get there.

In just this way, I made a discovery, called “speak thinking” and patented the words for use only in this website.  “speak thinking” is where you have to silently speak what you are thinking to have to think at all, when your mind is in action and not in silence – that is when you are spinning an idea in your head after the initial observation.  Hence to summarise there is pictorial observation of just looking and silence in mind and then there is “speak thinking” when you are thinking or spinning an idea in your head.  If you break this link of having to silently speak what you are thinking, in speak thinking, then you cannot think or spin an idea in your head at all.  These are 2 very distinct properties of the mind.  I came across this I suppose by being silent in mind – a discovery from the Truth, just one day popped up in my mind.  You see it then you have it – yet I have lived with this link all my life and yet not see this link in me.  A limitation without knowing it yet empowered by just seeing it as something “new” in me.  So what else in there that is new, both within me and also external of me. Within Without.  Know thyself and you will know the universe. 

But silence in mind first and the tool to instantly get a silent mind is to stop silently speaking what you are thinking and in an instant your mind is silent and back to pictorial observational mode.  This I later also realised is exactly what crossed legged meditation is where the mantra is given so you are distract away from your thinking to break this link.  “Speak thinking” is a walking talking version of the cross-legged meditation which can go deeper perhaps to completely silent the mind to a blackout state of nothingness.  In the city you can have a silent mind if you remember that thinking is subvocal speech and when you notice this stop silently speaking what you are thinking and thinking will instantly stop – this how you can distance yourself from your thinking mind when you don’t want it to bother you.

Here is a block diagram for accessing the Truth – a cycle of silence and thinking to make sense of the TRUTH and perhaps create a “new world order” for you to live in.

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