Look at this example above: It is how the mobile phone/mindbodysoul becomes an excellent aerial for listening to your thoughts and remember that your mobile phone is always next to your body or close to you.  When I place my hands on my mobile phone/induction loop receiver and listen to its magnetic fluctuations, I become an aerial and the set-up picks up a radio station and when I take my hands off the reception fades off.

Look at it this way: if your body is an excellent aerial, then your home/mobile phone combination is an excellent aerial too with the powerline and internet supply lines. So it is your car/mobile phone combination a good aerial.  But it is yourmindbodysoul/home/power-supply-lines/phone-internet line/wifi the biggest aerial around you – it monitors everything! You add this combination above to the city and it becomes one big gigantic aerial with you in it.  It is no wonder that the sages take to the mountains for some peace and quiet.  But look at it this way: the city was made by your mind.  The collective mind is the collective mind of the city.  The city is you or it is your mind collectively.  Your brain is connected to one big gigantic brain consisting of all the cities in the world.  So everyone is connected.  So where is the democracy in this especially when one can know what you are thinking.  Nationalism – what is that but just a word of a lie you made up in your head when you know that we are all ONE big electrical entity of a one BIG BRAIN.

ONE-WORLD-ONE-GOVERNMENT-Yourmindbodysoul/Home/Power-Supply-Lines/Phone-Internet line/Wifi. 

We should be governed collectively by ONE ENTITY and resources shared by all and for all.

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