The Truth In The Lie In Me

Do you notice that when you are contemplating there is a kind of projecting of your mind.  You are here and my thinking is there outside of me.  It even feels like that.  I mean the way the mind sits feels like that.  Now see what happens when you pull that mind of yours back to now.  Pull it right back and observe everything around you.  You bring yourself right back to just observing your surroundings and not contemplating anymore. No thinking.  Just being aware of “what is”. What is real.  It feels like you were there then and now you are in a bright place, here.  Right beside yourself.  Being here even feels different. It can be shocking thinking, I am here right now, now now – and alive!.  When you project your mind in contemplation, and also when you are in the “now” reality, in awareness only, and no thinking – it is still only you.  The observer.  The observed.  They are both the same: “the observer is the observed”.

It is what Jiddu Krishnamurti had said during his years of showing us what is true in us among all the lies.  When I came across this I really had to squeeze my mind to get to see it. But as time went by and some new insight where some were triggered by listening to some Buddhist lectures in Malaysia, Krishnamurti (K) became much more clearer.  K was, from what I have read, was a big fan of the Buddha.

The Krishnamurti library, Adyar, India.

Library at K center ,Adyar, India

Library at K center ,Adyar, India

He choose to put across the mind in a way where perhaps reading Buddhist literature translations today could not fully show you what Buddha said, about 5000 years ago.  Distortions and modifications to the original texts through translations all complicated the matter of looking at Buddhism today.

buddhism in a nutshell web

K used to say: “lets look at this together” and he would take you on a mind journey, practically walking you through the process of thinking and the mind.  Krishnamurti choose to look at the process of the mind as the main cause of everything that we are and have become.  When you put it all together and with my experience as an artist and making paintings – you hold it all in the palm of your hand and look at it – you realise that you need not have to look at anything else or read another book as only by looking at the process of the mind in the way that Buddha did and as Jiddu Khrisnamurti used to by following the thought process – you will see all for what it is and how it works.  Buddha perhaps discovered it and Krishnamurti took the cause up because perhaps he saw the Truth of the process of the mind which the Buddha was talking about.  He told it differently to Buddha – but they both said the same thing: It is the mind that make it and some, it make is an illusion, and some it see is the Truth.

The mind has different ways of seeing.  You have to see how it does this and what it churns out, hence “lets look at this together”.  You have to see the lie it churns out and you have to see the Truth that goes through it. You have to see why it is a lie by following the facts or what is real in the thinking process. Sometimes it thinks and projects and imagines and creates illusions and others it is only being aware of its surroundings without creating conclusion with what it observes.  When it projects it makes lie’s, it passes judgments that are made from illusions and it creates large structures like the structure of society and the world of finance that supports the structure from these illusions.  So when you look back at what you have done you realize you have trapped yourself’s in an environment that was made from a lie in you.  Can you see where that lie comes from? After that first second of observation you start to make imaginations real, or at least you think it is real.  But really it is one illusions after another after the first second observation.  One lie after another and you think it is all good and you use the conclusions from that lie to make things that are physically real and you think it is going to serve you well.

Can I first put up this diagram:


Where you need to be mostly is at the center.  That is the state of “samadhi.  Here there is no thinking, let alone psychological thinking, dwelling in the past or the future.  Here there is only observation and looking at “what is”.  No illusion making by the mind here, for what you see.  No images or lie’s created by the mind.  This is the center: where you observe all for what it is, then to the next observation, then the next and so on: but this and that thing and then that with this thing and an image turns up in your mind with all the rubbish it churns up.  No, no: this does not happen in the center.  Nothing goes pass the first second of observation.  Here only first second observations exists.  The mind is not given a chance to imagine a lie for itself.

But you have 4 corners that you can wonder to.  You wonder off the center when there is an “action” to be performed by you.  We are dealing with the mind here so actions is a movement of the mind away from the center.  I don’t care if you are physically waving your hand or jumping up and down but it is your mind that is coming off the center.  This process is already starting to be one of “becoming” in you”.  You move from neutral to something else as the mind turns.  In me this process might start with an idea of me making a painting.  I am excited.  There is an urge in me to make that painting.  Its content and purpose for making it will start to churn in my mind. I am coming off the center.  The state of “samadhi” is now only a memory.  Images pop up in my mind.  The composition will be in multiple forms.  Which one do I choose.  The mind is so good in creating so many different images for the same idea.  All an illusion of the mind.  A 100 so called “Truths” made by the mind for the same idea.  In fact all is a lie in me.  You can see the difference between this type of image and say the feeling of Love that you might have for your wife.  Love is inherent to the mindbodysoul.  It is part of you.  It comes perhaps from your heart.  So is anger, is inherently part of the fabric of you.  It is built into you. It is a fact of the mindbodysoul. Anger is anger and there are no 100 different anger’s made by the mind  like there are 100 different ways of making the same painting from images made up by the mind.  There are facts of the mindbodysoul that is always true and there are illusions created by the mind which are figments of your imagination.  You might take these figments to be real and use them to create the lie that is you.

The illusion is a lie.  When you become as you drift towards the corner and you accept this illusion as the “Truth” and add it to your personality: what you are doing is taking a lie to make something concrete in you.  As this process progresses then more and more you become a lie until everything in you is a lie and when you have power over people you impose these lie’s you have created upon them.

But then you are living in a structure that is created by lies of the mind: the city, the country, the culture – all created by images and illusions in your mind.  You make it and you live in it.  You make the lie and live in the lie.  The concept of the city is a lie you live in.  The economy is an idea from the mind and you play the game, trapped in the fabric of society and unable to escape.

The road outside your home built from an illusion from the mind,  your home with all its responsibilities created from illusions in your mind.  Your culture is an illusion created by a lie in the mind.  You created the structure of the economy from a set of illusions from your mind and you are all playing the game.

That tree outside your window which sits next to your home, where did it come from: not your mind.  The tree is real and true. Always has been true and its existence has nothing to do with the mind.  Like that tree there are intangible Truths in your mindbodysoul that has always been true to the mindbodysoul of yours.  You find those and know what they are.  Love your love feelings.  Love your anger feelings and get to know it. See what triggers it because it will come up again and you might still not know why it happened.  It will always be there with you.  Something real in you and always the same when it shows itself.  When you see how it rises and then falls off and when you can see how it works it will automatically stop showing up.  It will not go away but will always remain low and out of site because anger is a fact in you and it will always be around.

Hence I think the purpose of life is to first know thyself.  If you put all the truths and all the illusions in the palm of your hand and look at it: perhaps all of it together is responsible for one to know thyself but that does not mean that you do not need to distinguish one from the other.  Finally you have to be able to tell the difference between the facts in the mind and the illusion of image making for you to recognize and find yourself back to the center home of Samadhi.


The mind needs to know how to come back to the center Samadhi after every action.  This will prevent you from becoming a corner person after every action and Samadhi is also a place of rest and stillness.  Surely you would want that for your mind and that is a prize you surely want to win.  A silent calm of only observation and no becoming.

Art can find the pattern.

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An experiment with my computer.  Listening for subvocal chit chat coming from my computer using BB noise from this program:

BB noise program.  In my computer the chit chat comes in at about 10000 Hz.  In this program you slowly increase the frequency and listen for the chit chat as they get amplified by the right frequencies in the BB noise – Stochastic amplification.

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recording BB noise subvocal chit chat 15 feb 2016

Please use in-ear headphones if possible to listen in.



How close can you get to listen in to your thinking? because you silently speak what you think – coming soon.


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