What is “Speak Thinking”

Changed pitch to original recording to perhaps decipher it better.  Of course, the experts can put this through an algorithm. Artificial Intelligence can monitor this tone 24/7.

Coupling of the mind and body to your environment is a biofeedback system.  You embed your thoughts into the surroundings anywhere you are and others listen and talk back to you.  I think the system has found its place in society by the security services in department stores and other retail complexes to monitor the public as an early warning detector for possible crimes to be committed.  This system is not something that is not eventually going to work into everybody’s homes.

Listen to this recording for incoming chit chat, recorded and filtered to get to the subliminals.  This feedback gets into the tones in your surroundings and into your mind via the hearing system and then gets deciphered by the mind via stochastic amplification, and goes directly into thinking without you hearing a sound. 

All recordings made using an induction loop receiver that monitors magnetic modulations.

If you put 2 magnetic entities together and add a tone to it – you can talk to each other without speaking but by just thinking, as thinking is really sub-vocal speech. The magnetic modulations of speaking will modulate the tone and if you can read the tone then you will know what the other is thinking – it is like learning another language.

You cannot think if you also, are not silently speaking it at the same time. It is easy to confirm this as you only have to observe in yourself if this is true or not. If you don’t speak what you are thinking – then you are just in a pictorial thinking mode, some aspect of it might be called daydreaming – you are just watching, observing, and not spinning a thought in your head and trying to make something out of it.

There is something of this in the “new scientist” magazine in issue 28 oct 2017, pg 9:”Brains’s autopilot mode lets you stop thinking” to differentiate between “speak thinking” and just observation or pictorial thinking.

Silence in mind comes from choosing one from the other. The technique of meditation plays on this difference – to shut down one for the other, by using a mantra as a distraction. But cross-legged meditation, I think takes it a step further and shuts down the mind altogether – both pictorial and speak thinking to allow you total silence. In a sense a kind of blackout, while still living. Total silence and a kind of “where was I” when this happens and you slowly come out of it.

I think, if true, understanding this, especially seeing how “speak thinking” works and bringing on more silence in the mind, while going about our daily activities, might just bring on the next generation of new thinking, that is not dependent on its past, to make the future.

activation of handsfree option phone line

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Stochastic Amplification of Subliminals

Stochastic amplification is the phenomenon of applying white noise to say your living space or to the mind, to amplify the subliminals hidden in it which your hearing system cannot hear.

How it does this is it mismatches frequencies in white noise to amplify subliminals in space to amplify them so you can now hear them. White noise consist of a multitude of frequencies to resonate to, for amplification.

I gather the mind also does this, to amplify electrical signals in the brain that is hardly decipherable by the mind so you can understand what is hidden in these subliminals.

This phenomenon says something about perception as to whether your thoughts are really your own or not. This also puts out an alert as to whether there is really democracy in society as a valid concept and if people should be allowed to vote for difficult decisions, when their minds could be coerced to making decisions that are not of their own mind.

Look at this example below of what could be hidden in your living space.

White noise was played into a headphone and the noise was then recorded. Lets see what is hidden in the ether that was priced out by using white noise to amplify the subliminals.

Trace of recording

The recording:


These subliminals get to everywhere and anything, that is electronic and metallic and become aerials for the enormous amount of radio frequencies in the air. Your home is one big aerial as is the telegraph lines outside your home and your power supply lines that bring these subliminals into your living space. This recording below was done using an induction loop receiver that monitors the magnetic fluctuations at the phone access point.


So are your thoughts really your own. Does that X you place in the ballot box really from your own mind.

There is no such a thing as democracy.

Please make up your mind.

The mindbodysoul has its limitations!

You might not be what! you think you are.

The mind created society in its own image.

The structure of the city is the structure of the mind.

The mind can only do itself.

Its modus operandi is experiential in nature.

It depends too much in its past and hence cannot create anything “new”.

The mind created the city so it can see itself at work.

Artificial intelligence is created to see the mind at work or it is trying to get out of itself.

Is there a tipping point to all of this.

How long can the collective mind hold its place before it gives up.

What does it take to trigger chaos.

To think a mere subliminal in the air might be sufficient to create pandemonium or is the earth’s magnetic pole going to flip?

Are you afraid of what you cannot see or hear?

Can your thinking be know by another?

Is it necessary to know everything 

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Double Decker Surveillance (or Shenanigans)

Are the buses spying on us using the phone lines?

Look at these recordings below:

This is a tone of a bus passing outside.

This is the phone being remotely activated:

This is what it sounds like:

This below is all the above coming together while the bus is passing by.

This is the phone being switched on as the bus passes outside.  Perhaps, unknown to them, the buses are used to send the signal to activate the switch on to the microphone in the landline phone.  The buses are loaded with wifi and CCTV cameras and they all have IP address and why can’t they be hacked into to send out a signal to the homes to switch on the microphones in the phones.

The example above is just another example of invisible access to living spaces as a hacking device.  Radio signals are starting to make themselves heard at home and that is not via the radio but through creating static and white noise in the ether.  The home becomes an aerial and these radio signals can create “high” energy electrostatic environments which then couples you to the background space and links you up with all the subliminals in the air. 

Just like a GPS signal can give you direction so can these radio signals manipulate your perception and thinking.  It creates a multi-influence environment via these radio signals, wifi etc, coming in through the phone line and power supply system acting as aerials, which then creates this electrostatic environment which couples you to your home and electrical appliances and this becomes a continuous feed via the telegraph poles and wiring outside your home.  Some of these cables connecting homes are arranged like a pyramidal antenna. 

This recording below is in the region of 2.4 Ghz which is your wifi frequency: It looks like nothing is happening here until you listen to the recording.

There is a lot of chit chat in the background.  This is in the ether and I think this is what creates the modulating tinnitus tone in the air and they are loaded with subliminals to alter perception.  It becomes a space filled with unseen shenanigans. 

Some of these signals are high-frequency microwaves and they penetrate everything linking them up including your body and then the modulated signals will give your body and mind something to think about.  The mobile phone on your being and on the person next to you just counts-up the problem.

This picture is a raw image taken by a simple camera at night of an electric train making its way in the city.

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What is Stochastic Amplification? breaking the code.

It is like putting a puzzle together and I think the code has been broken.  So please read this. I hope it will save some lives because I think people are dying because of this and not knowing why.

You do a lot of experiments blindly and it is only with understanding the process the bigger picture starts to show itself.  I guess it is the same with the bigger picture of the purpose of life itself, from understanding the self to its relation to the idea of society and to its relation to the natural universe.  

You are either in or out with one or the other or perhaps finding the right balance with both.  The idea called society you created for yourself is not going to go away.  In the same way, the future you created for yourself once structured in front of you, you just walk into it and live it with its consequences.

Society created the technology we have today.  It matches the aura of the living body.  Then it gets manipulated in combinations such that it can now either imitate your mind or find a way into your mind without you knowing.  It was once a natural mystical phenomenon, today it will be a criminal offence to enter your mind without your permission and perhaps in the future as the process is already created and you walk into a nightmare where the mind is now accessible by technology and you live with it as it becomes a commonplace in tomorrows world.

So I am not sure if you have heard of a phenomenon called stochastic resonance.  I have had an example in earlier articles where the kettle can pick up a signal send down the powerline using powerline adaptors.



These adaptors will also allow you to take the internet signal from one room to another.  You play billie jean down the powerline using these adaptors and your kettle as it boils up, it picks the modulated signal and together with your kettle will act like a speaker – that is until it stops boiling.  That is an example of stochastic resonance. How it works is this: first the signal is lost in the noise and difficult to capture or decipher.  The noise acts as an amplifier by matching the frequency of the subliminals and adding to them and hence amplifying them and this makes the signal louder and now you can hear it above the noise. white noise amplifying signal stochastic resonance

“Stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon where a signal that is normally too weak to be detected by a sensor, can be boosted by adding white noise to the signal, which contains a wide spectrum of frequencies. The frequencies in the white noise corresponding to the original signal’s frequencies will resonate with each other, amplifying the original signal while not amplifying the rest of the white noise (thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio which makes the original signal more prominent). Further, the added white noise can be enough to be detectable by the sensor, which can then filter it out to effectively detect the original, previously undetectable signal.

This phenomenon of boosting undetectable signals by resonating with added white noise extends to many other systems, whether electromagnetic, physical or biological, and is an area of intense research.” (wiki)


I am only interested in how the mind and thinking can be compromised using this Stochastic Resonance phenomenon.  It is important that my thinking is my own and the ideas that I created for my art have not been, unknowing to me, by using subliminals have been used to alter my thinking and hence my perception.

Imagine the phenomenon with the kettle and how the sound of water boiling can bring out the unseen in the air or in the powerline and make it a whole room or a whole building.  One can fill the room with white or pink noise (this will give you a tinnitus-like screech in your ears), followed by a transmitter carrying a subliminal message you will only barely hear or not at all and it will come in under your hearing frequencies, yet it will create a “gut feeling” in you.  Sometimes you can hear it, depends on how it is designed.  This will be sufficient to make sure that your thinking is directed.

So it is a combination of white noise and an electromagnetic signal carrying the sub.  The sub comes in silently and gets amplified by the white/pink noise.  The white noise coming out of a conventional speaker is not going to do it I think.  The room needs to be completely filled with white noise from corner to corner – a collection of standing waves from an ultrasound speaker will do this.  You can almost pass a parabolic microphone around the room and locate all the nodes and antinodes in the room – the areas where the subs are loudest and where they cancel each other out.  So YOU can be easily sitting in a room full of subs.  It can break up families by the subs being directed differently to different people in the room hence creating conflict.  It can make people do things that they would not have otherwise considered.  It can generate extreme thinking as the subs keep piling.  The combination of shenanigans is as many as the combination of techs coming together to create havoc in the mind.  It is either people will adapt and change to this onslaught on their minds and hence tangent off in an evolutionary process or it will break up society as we know it today.

undetectable voices3

I am going to give you the big picture quickly and then show you how you can keep a tab on what is happening in your home with very little cost to you.  The reason I am putting this all out there is because it exposes the culprit in a sense that you know that it is there in your home and you can work out as to how to deal with it. This silent subliminal problem can cause marriages to break up, children to get manipulated as their hearing is a lot more receptive to these subliminals than the older people at home. It is a case of better you know than not and working to make your home safe.

This is how the subliminals come into your homes:

If you look outside your home the first culprit is how your telegraph poles are structured.  If they are looking like an aerial, to mention the obvious then you know that that is the route that your radio signals are getting into your home.

then you look at your home:

The home is an even bigger aerial.  The radio signals come in via your phone and internet lines and then make their way into the rest of the house.  The power supply lines is another route that it will take into your home.  Like the example of the kettle above and a process called stochastic amplification, all the subliminals will play itself out in your appliances. 

You can check this out for yourself if you use an induction loop receiver connect your headphones to it and if it is an in-ear headphone better still and listen to all the radio signals coming into your home.  You will hear multiple channels of radio stations playing one on top of the other, not in linear time but rather in a moment sort of way altogether at the same time one on top of each other.  You don’t need to get an expensive induction loop receiver just a simple cheap one from eBay I found because of the way they are designed perhaps with a better design of the induction coil inside will give you a better reception. Or you could borrow from grandma who might have an induction loop receiver that she would use to amplify her TV sound. 

The induction loop receiver monitors the magnetic fields around an object.  You can use it to monitor the radio signals all over your home to see how far down the line it had got by first entering the home via the access point for your phone line.  If you place the induction loop receiver on the access point for your phone line you should get all the radio signals playing out their broadcast in your headphone.  You can try the same all over your home including the walls and then try and understand how they got there.  It is where anywhere you hear it with an induction loop receiver is because there is a modulating magnetic field in that spot and that is why you are hearing what you are hearing with an induction loop receiver.

In this example below the induction loop receiver was placed near the internet router and close to the access point for the phone line.

In this example below, I want to show you how close this signal can come to you and how it can listen to what you are thinking and everything you are doing on the internet and how your computer screen is acting as a microphone in front of you, even though you don’t have a microphone anywhere in your home (but you really do have one in your phone).  Your computer screen monitor is your microphone.

But first, let me show you how the microphone in your phone can be used to listen to all your conversations and also to your thinking and how it can be switched on when you are not using your phone and you would not know it is on.  Well, they seem to come in via these rogue radio signals or they could come in via your internet line or your telephone exchange.

Look at this example below:

How you can monitor this is by taping the induction loop receiver to the access point of your phone line and running a line up to your computer line-in and use audacity to record everything that comes in via your phone access point.  When you hear this lifting receiver tone, immediately and it must be immediately, pick up your receiver on the phone and you will see the handsfree option led light on your phone come on. So this is what this rogue signal is doing which is activating your microphone so all conversations in your home can be heard and also they will be listening to what you are thinking and I will show you how and why this is done.  

Now I want to show you why your computer screen is also a “microphone”. First, let me explain that all the subliminals that come into your home are hidden in the bottom of the barrel of the collection of rogue signals coming into your home.  You have to extract them by using “stochastic resonance” to hear and know they are present.  Look at this example below:

I call this sound above the combi boiler sound.  You have to create this yourself and play it on loop play in audacity for you to hear the “bottom of the barrel” subliminal sounds. Just trying to show you what is hidden in your computer screen which you would not normally hear.  You first generate a pink noise profile and then change the pitch to low to get the combi boiler sound.  You see I named it the combi boiler sound is because some the rogue radio signals that come in are camouflaged and silently hide behind this combi boiler sound that can especially in winter dominate the sound in a home for heating purposes.  If you listen to your radiators carefully you will find that this sound can take itself all over the living space where there is a radiator for example perhaps through the ground cable. All electrical items and outlets are connected by the ground cable.  I think they come in via the powerline and has been described well by those who have found them and have also explained how to remove these radio signal subliminals by attaching a “Delta Suppression Filter” at the end of the power cable that is inside your boiler.

I got this information below from one of the suppliers:

• Used for radio interference suppression of small electric motors and domestic appliances
• The delta filter is connected between the live, neutral and earth terminals to reduce RFI
• Best results require installation close to the source of the interference
• Encapsulated thermoplastic, sealed with polyurethane resin
• 250V AC rated
UK manufactured

The best £3.49 you’ll ever spend!

I’d been having problem with errors on my broadband VDSL connection. Having added mains filters to eliminate the dirty mains side of things, I was still left with a load of RF interference related errors that mainly occurred when the central heating was on. I added one of these Delta Suppressors at the mains entry point to the boiler and it’s eliminated most of the errors! As you’ll need to remove the boiler access panel to fit this, make sure you get a qualified electrician to do it…

How people know what you are thinking via your computer screen is because of “speak thinking” and that is your thinking is really sub-vocal speech and that you must silently have to speak what you are thinking to have to think at all.  If you break this link you cannot think.  Hence when one magnetic component couples with another, you pass on the magnetic modulations of your thinking to your computer screen by coupling and it gets picked up by all the tones and buzzes and pings in your living space and if your phone microphone is activated, as I showed you above, you know that all that information and the noises and the pings and buzzes and your thinking is going down that phone line and being recorded and stored. 

Ultimately the glue for all this is your wifi and others around you.  Wifi is a microwave signal.  2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz. This is not a joke signal.  It permeates everything including the person in the living space to the rest of the surrounding.  So you can see why it is not very difficult to know what you are thinking as you are connected by wifi to all the pings and buzzes and noises around in your living space as because of “speak thinking” you modulate all these noises.  Your computer will tell you just how many wifi signals is in your vicinity.  You are pretty much connected to everything else around you and perhaps to the whole city you live in. 

So let us see what is around 2.4 Ghz.  Below is an sdr recording of the 2.4 ghz signal.  Notice that it is also in the 13 cm ham radio band.

This is what it sounds like:

You can already hear the chit chat in this recording.  This signal permeates everything in your living space including yourself and your household wiring and all its subliminals comes through the noises of your home and your brain listens to all of this and tries to make sense of it even if you are not interested hearing wise and they could just play out with your thinking and you might think that all your thoughts are yours.  Your perception your own.  You make up your mind accordingly and vote accordingly and yet possibly just playing into the hands of those who put the subliminals in your mind. 

There is access to your mind via your phone line, where I have shown you how radio signals can come into your home.  Technology allows a signal to come in and activate your microphone in your home without you knowing that it has been activated.  Wifi’s 2.4 Ghz connects you to everything around you – including your neighbours and it continues down the line to the end of the street.  All this is an enhanced form of what nature really is like, but more subtle and quiet in mind and undetectable.  We take from nature and boost it and we are living in an environment that is really “nature on steroids”.

Recording powerline noise by the national grid has already started in some countries. 

Powerline Forensics:

reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p7bxw

Electric find

For the last seven years, at the Metropolitan Police forensic lab in south London, audio specialists have been continuously recording the sound of mains electricity.

It is an all pervasive hum that we normally cannot hear. But boost it a little, and a metallic and not very pleasant buzz fills the air.

“The power is sent out over the national grid to factories, shops and of course our homes. Normally this frequency, known as the mains frequency, is about 50Hz,” explains Dr Alan Cooper, a senior digital forensic practitioner at the Met Police.

Any digital recording made anywhere near an electrical power source, be it plug socket, light or pylon, will pick up this noise and it will be embedded throughout the audio.


Such is what the technological world we have created for us to live in by the same mind that has its own limitations of only knowing to create itself externally to see itself better or by not knowing what it was doing to itself. 

By the way in school when I was a child I was not popular with my friends as when I find them plotting against the teacher – I would go and tell the teacher what was happening.

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Learning a New language of Modulating Tones

Initially, I thought – what is this neuro-linguistic. Looking up it said: NLP’s creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

Ok, so I thought an experiential mode of learning? Then, I have a story to tell. I learned through experience to read tonal modulations. It started with, if I hear a persistent tone in the air, anywhere, I will try and read it to see if I can make out what that tone was saying. I got better at reading these tones as time went by and it was really like learning a new language. It really was like what they say about learning a new language – if you listen to it long enough then one day you would, like magic just be able to speak it no problem.

As things progressed I realised I was actually thinking what was in these tones in the air even if I was not consciously listening to them. So I google researched on the mind and realised just what a magic friend my brain was in that if it got something scrambled or something that looks like scrambled information in its head it would try its very best to serve you well and get some sort of meaning from it and you would then think it without you hearing a sound but for a modulating tinnitus like tone in the air.

On further reading I saw that it could even amplify what was in its brain by what is called “stochastic amplification” by adding some “white noise” to that low volume modulating tone so the modulations gets separated from the baseline noise by frequency matching and hence the meaning of that tonal modulations could be understood better by it, and the brain then gets you to think it.

If the brain could have googled researched it, it would have done just that and perhaps one day in time, I realised, that is just what it would do and how magic will that be. A brain that can google research on its own.  Maybe even a brain that will replace the mobile phone and will be able to dial the numbers via google like Skype. 

With this, I went on to realise that the thinking mind actually does have more of what could be considered limitations depending on how you look at it. Like some things it cannot do, is find something “new” for you as an idea as it tends to depend too much on your past experiences. It uses its past repository in your mind to feed your creative imagination and nothing new comes off the past in you but just another puzzle of the old. The “new” comes off nothingness. It comes off a completely silent mind. Anyway.

But you know this ESP, extrasensory experiences, that people have, are I think actual happening via the 5 sensors. It is not spooky at all but rather via your 5 sensors + one 6th sense wholemindbody monitoring of your environment talking to you via a tone in the air.

So when you are in the bus and you think the person behind you is staring at your back and thinking something about you, it is because the bus, in its tones and buzzes and whistling sounds, is translating thoughts and talking to you. I think this is what nature actually does for you but we have enhanced the natural and made it into the environment we live in, and we interact with it – so now it can be heard. I know this for sure as I have learned a new language of tonal modulations by listening to the space around me. It is called neuro-linguistic programming.  Seriously you can google it and find out and the day will come when you just ask your mind and it will do it for you off the ether and a tone from your environment will bring that information to you via tonal modulations.  There will be a new language for you to learn.  There will be no need to read it from a computer again or a book.  You will be learning from your environment.  You will be learning all the time.

You see you might think that your body is covered by the skin you are wearing and inside it are your organs.  But really when you get further down and look closer, what you will see is just atoms and lots of space. In fact, your body space is not confined under your skin.  The atoms in your body can extend to the end of a football field and into the spectator stands, all around you if you are standing at the centre of the field.  You are “fatter” than just the weight of your body and can you imagine the person standing at the opposite end of the field is still in contact with you.  At the atomic level, you are just points of energy.  You are almost no different from the radio signal that brings music into your home.  You are just an organised blob of frequencies and energy particles and you eat food to keep that energy functioning.  Just like you have to fill up your car with petrol to take you to the supermarket to buy food to feed your body. 

Just energy, like electricity, and energy and energy.  Oxygen and nitrogen and carbon, hydrogen, calcium and phosphorus and potassium and sulphur and chemicals with atoms, and subatomic particles and electrons.  Where is the ME in all of this when I am connected to everything around me.  You are in fact, me and you and him and her and your home and the space around you and your garbage bin and your garden and the cat and the dog. The atoms in your body extend meters away from you and into other people and things and you have a new language to learn so you know how you are connected to everything.

If you were inside your home, the energy of the atoms that extends from your material body into the space around you will also go past the walls of your home, which is also buzzing with energy.  Some of that energy is an enhanced form of natural energy, like the electricity that lights up your home or runs your appliances.

You are also connected to your home and it’s sounds.  You are one with everything around you.  http://thehealthyhousearchitect.com/electromagnetic-fields-emfs/

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The Mind Can Only Make Itself

The city is of the mind.  The mind created the city and it made the city as a mirror image of itself, so the mind can connect to it.  It feels like that anyway as the infrastructure of the city patterned its way around our living space.  I became really suspicious when I could electronically record a bus passing my home from my room. 

I was recording from my phone line access point using an induction loop receiver and directly into the computer.  The signal was coming into the living space via the telegraph pole and all the cables connected to the pole to all the houses around any of us who live in the city or its suburbs. The buses come in many forms these days, some with wifi and some powered by both a battery and by petrol.  So it is a mini generator of its own passing your home every day.  The important thing here is that its presence in the area is felt in your home via the infrastructure of your own home.  The power supply lines and the phone/ internet network, all act as aerials for bringing information into your home.

This is a radio station coming into the home the same way and also recorded via an induction loop receiver.

A radio station miles away or a transmitter of any kind can bring a signal into your home using the infrastructure of the city via the phone line or the power supply system.  It all gets played out within the BUZZ of your home.

The mind seems to be able to only do itself in everything it does.  It seems to replicate itself in whatever it designs.  It seems to perhaps unintentionally makes its environment like itself so it can communicate with its environment.  Were these all intentionally or unintentionally done?  Was the panopticon already in the mind of the creators of our environment or did it come on as an afterthought when the mind saw what it had done and that is it had actually created an invisible network around itself so it could listen to itself.

The mind today can even hear itself think by listening to the infrastructure it created around itself by listening to the tonal modulations as the body interacts with its surroundings.  If a bus can communicate with your home then so can you and why not.  It is all just a coupling of 2 magnetic entities through an invisible force that unnaturally engulfs the city and its surrounding environment.  That was how the city was made, by a mind by itself and for itself.  The environment is made to record everything about yourself including your thoughts.  The mind has evolved to engulf itself with its own inventions.  The content of the mind is only of its past and its experiences.  That is all it knows.  That is what it feeds off. 

If you look at it at the beginning of its creative period it would have only known what nature was all about and its mind.  Then the human race got clever and decided to enhance the natural, and gave us electricity and radio waves etc.  As it progressed it would have realised by some of its inventions that it could get to communicate with itself through its inventions.  So you can also conclude that the infrastructure of the city is like nature on steroids.  Look, the mind is only good at moving forward from its past in mind.  Like we might be able to silently communicate with each other using the natural forces in yourself and of nature itself and so now, we can communicate with each other through the infrastructure of the city, which is just nature on steroids. The city is just an enhanced aspect of nature itself.

So why are we surprised when we can know what each other is thinking. 

The idea of the panopticon had first surfaced in Russia about 350 years ago in the 1700’s and today it is almost fully implemented.  The idea still has a future ahead of itself when you add artificial intelligence to it and we all know how that will be coming to our homes, from a telephone cable, or the powersupply lines or perhaps through a radio signal through the aerial that is our homes.  

If you think of it: imagine the whole city as 1 single mind and us in it as the panopticon already in place.  Imagine all the cities in the world connected together and all of us in it, influencing each other.  Now imagine a one-world-government for all these connected entities around the world.  It seems the obvious next move for this new infrastructure, created by what became, 1 mind, 1 world, 1 government.  I wonder if this was a natural phenomenon or we all just unknowingly planned this together?

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Voting Irregularities in the Mind of a Voter

How can a voter be made to vote in a certain way by being in his living space because of electromagnetic noise from electric currents that are conducted through wiring and from their appliances in their homes?    

 There are different types of noise being created in your homes.  Some are natural and others are generated electronically:

It is the artificial noises that can be manipulated to act as white noise “speakers” that can demodulate an unheard electromagnetic signal or an ultrasound signal.  These modulations can also be made to make sense when the mind gets to hear the noise pattern often enough.

The principles of noise interference: They can come off a cable and occupy the space around you or come to you directly from its source.  If an electromagnetic signal travels right through you as in your wifi signal or a radio station transmitter it might create some spurious electrical signals in your nervous system in your body but for these signals to create reason in your mind is probably minimal or none but that not mean it cannot make you feel uneasy by its presence.  There are enough people on the net informing you of its detrimental effects.

But it is that buzz in your living space that you need to look out for when it starts to talk to you.  It is an established fact that your external telephone lines and your powersupply lines can act as aerials to bring transmitted radio signals into your home.  Your telephone line is a major culprit in this respect.  If you monitor your phone line access point in your home with an induction loop receiver you will hear something like this:

That anomaly that you see in the centre above is a remote signal coming from outside your home and I am suggesting after some observation is a remote radio signal and it is coming through your external phone lines to switch on your handsfree option (with its microphone on) on your phone for a listen in.  But what it can do via these remote radio signals is to modulate the BUZZ in your home that is also amplified by the intensity of these rogue signals coming into your home from outside.   

The big picture of all this as below:

The intensity of the BUZZ in your home will depend on the pattern of the telephone cables outside your home.  Some can look like the spokes inside of an umbrella and if so it will make a pretty good aerial for these radio signals.  There is also the matter for a local rogue transmitter doing the dirty in the area you live in or a radio station transmitter closeby that is sending you hidden subliminals on how to vote in a general election or placing a cross in your mind to be transferred to the ballot paper.  Perhaps it is a BREXIT BREXT BREXIT BREXIT subliminal in a recent referendum forcing the country to choose a certain way backward-forward.   The point is a rogue signal is given easy access to your home via your phone line.  

So you stop this by first knowing what the pattern is for the anomaly.  An anomaly can occur either because of the electronic noise created in your home or because of an anomaly in your mind.  The mind is a sucker for accepting what you give him.  It is such a great biological entity that it will try and please you the best it can but it also has its limitations and if you listen hard enough it will show you what are its limitations.  One of these limitations is that it has to speak what you are thinking for it to have to think at all:”speak thinking”.  Thinking is actually sub-vocal speech as its end product.  If you don’t speak what you thinking then cannot think.  This in itself has a domino effect to the intrusion of the radio signals in your home.  When a rogue signal enters your home and switches on your handfree microphone in your phone – your home then acts as an induction loop system and your thinking will then start to modulate the BUZZ in your home and through these tonal modulations your thinking can also be known.  So you can see that that rogue radio signal switching on your phone microphone is not only to listen to a conversation but to also to listen to you think.  This is the bigger pattern of how you are wired to your living space.

So you have the option to reduce that BUZZ in your home to a minimum so your hearing system cannot get to hear it and also stop that rogue radio signal that is coming into your home to switch on the microphone in your home to hear you speak and think.  I wonder if voters would have voted a certain way if their minds were not nudged in a certain direction.  I wonder if the United Kingdon would still be part of the European Union and not leaving it.  I wonder if the wars that were fought would not have happened if minds were not manipulated.  

Use an induction loop receiver to monitor the radio signals in your home.  You wished you never bought that radio when your whole home is a radio station while listening in with an induction loop receiver.


Key points

  • An electromagnetic wave that interferes with the operation of electronic devices is called noise.

  • The means to shut out the noise in the transmission path include shields and filters.

  • In order to make shields and filters work effectively, grounding is important.


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Mind in Mind

The science of the finer particles of the fabric of nature, quantum science, is telling us that consciousness is the underlying structure from where everything is brought into existence by our minds.  It also says that in consciousness nothing exists but for electrons and protons and neutrons and other subatomic particles.  This soup of charged and uncharged particles has this potential for anything to manifest as a probability.  It is said that a “strange loop” on our heads connects us to consciousness.

So this below is how life would have begun as a 1 cell organism, connected by this strange loop to the rest of the universe.  In fact, the fabric of consciousness would be the reason why this 1 cell organism got this far in the first place.  The loop is part of a biofeedback system where the cell communicates with consciousness on what to do next in its evolutionary process.

Now moving on forward with millions of years of evolution you get this below.  All this from a single cell via the evolutionary process and the strange loop is still present and still acting as a biofeedback link and still taking instructions from consciousness for its evolutionary progress.

And yet when I say “strange loop”, I have something else in mind — a less concrete, more elusive notion. What I mean by “strange loop” is — here goes a first stab, anyway — not a physical circuit but an abstract loop in which, in the series of stages that constitute the cycling-around, there is a shift from one level of abstraction (or structure) to another, which feels like an upwards movement in a hierarchy, and yet somehow the successive “upward” shifts turn out to give rise to a closed cycle. That is, despite one’s sense of departing ever further from one’s origin, one winds up, to one’s shock, exactly where one had started out. In short, a strange loop is a paradoxical level-crossing feedback loop. (pp. 101-102) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_loop


tangled hierarchy is a hierarchical consciousness system in which a strange loop appears.

This is a self-referencing system as to how we know thyself.  When the mind is finally silent you access consciousness through this strange loop via the tangled hierarchal system of consciousness, which strangely does not go too far from where it started and returns to itself, the mind, in a feedback process.  So basically you are grabbing gold dust like information off the fabric of the cosmos for free but your mind has to tiptoe quietly into this venture.  The mind first has to be silent.

So this is where the magic of the mind shows itself, in silence in mind, it connects.  Not very different from the connection of the internet to your router and ISP.  You know what happens when the connection is full of noise and you get a bad connection.  It can be quiet frustrating trying to read what is on your screen when it frequently disconnects.  Why should your mind be any different when it is loaded with unnecessary psychological thinking and other noises of societal living.

Then you look further at the detail of how the strange loop works.  Below is a block diagram of a conversation between Jiddu Krishnamurti and physicists David Bohm.

The mind has to be silent first to access the Truth of consciousness.  The tangled hierarchy strange loop then access the Truth of consciousness, to bring about the new in you.  Now, what gets downloaded into this strange loop from all probabilities of possibilities of the quantum universe and in an ever-changing state of anxious possible becomings is actually triggered by your own request in mind.  So only by doing and wanting, will the solution be given from the repository of everything and the all-knowing consciousness in the fabric of the universe.    

Look at the properties of an intuition in you and the process of thinking.  An intuition in you is an inkling of something that comes down this strange loop from the conscious fabric.  An intuition is like a pop-up in the mind, a wow and an aha.  It is indivisible.  In its original state, it is an experiential fact. 

Your thinking mind can come along and when you give it time to manipulate an intuition, it will make a lie of it.  That is what thinking is: a process that creates the lie in the Truth in you.  The creative process of thinking can create chaos if it wants too. Notice all this is now away from the state of the unmanifest of only possibilities probabilities of consciousness.  After it gets downloaded via the strange loop it becomes multi-purpose via thinking and creativity.

So what gives the thinking process energy to spin and turn and compromise into this multitude of views.  There is this awe for the process of creativity in our minds with it being a benevolent force in us.  It was creativity that created nuclear energy to kill and also to provide light in our homes.  It is a double edge sword.  The process is unbiased and neutral in us but it is the spinner for thinking.  You use it for good or for no good.  It all depends on the direction of your mind. 

You call creativity and it will accommodate.  An example is in the process of making art where you call upon it to make works of art and it will show you the limitations of your thinking mind and it will go further to suggest a workaround in silence and stillness to access the repository of everything.  It can spin you around a corner and take you to what you cannot yet see and show you a “new” pattern in your mind.  It all depends on what you call upon from your unmanifested unconscious world of all possibilities outside of you through that tangle hierarchal strange loop while looking for a solution.     

The thinking mind in psychological thinking of worry and anxiety from the past in you is a lie making machine that creates chaos in the world we live in. I think the creative process also acts as a spinner here.  Thinking can create multi-views, multiple solutions but these solutions are not like the solutions that the strange loop downloads from the unmanifested consciousness.  Thinking only further manipulates the Truth looking for further possibilities by adding to your past experiences.  The result is still a lie in you and away from the naturalness from where it was first manifested.  A seemingly new is created from the absolute after it has been spun by the past in you.  It is that lie in your past that manipulates and compromises an original intuitive fact and contributes to the chaos when it is implemented. 

Today there is a technological entity that is an equivalent of consciousness.  Our living space is filled with synthetic energy that is technologically created.  The city is nature on steroids.  The living space in a city has an equivalent of consciousness that also has access to the tangled hierarchy strange loop and the mind has to deal with nature’s natural energies and the synthetic energies created by us. 

It might be a recipe for disaster.  Not only is there a competing synthetic consciousness all over the city but it also gets to inside our homes:

This recording above is made from a household living space access point for the telephone and internet lines using an induction loop receiver.  It will find its way to all the crevices in your living space creating a canopy of subliminals of electromagnetic radio waves and vibrations of ultrasound tinnitus like modulating noises in your ears and eyes creating spurious nerve impulses all heading towards your brain.  The microphone on your phone, your router and everything you see in the diagram above, becomes a feedback synthetic tangled hierarchy strange loop system similar to the biological one on your head and it knows what you are thinking when your mind couples with it because of “speak thinking”.

kalachakri (not time-bound or out of the realm of time), oil on linen, 196cm x 131cm, 2011.

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